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Doing their part

Employees embrace USPS Connect Local pilot

Ralph Fields, a Duncanville, TX, letter carrier, is helping his business customers learn about USPS Connect Local.

Postal Service employees are using the organization’s lead generation programs to help business customers discover the USPS Connect Local pilot program now underway in Texas.

USPS Connect Local provides businesses and nonprofit organizations with local-to-local same-day and next-day package delivery at affordable rates.

Soon after the program’s July launch, Ralph Fields, a Duncanville, TX, letter carrier, made it a point of mentioning it to his business customers.

“I deliver to a lot of different companies and different customers. I’ve been a letter carrier for 27 years, so I’m in tune with the customers on my mail route,” he said.

One of the customers was the owner of Bowed Out, a startup that markets designer hair bows.

The owner was interested in learning more about USPS Connect Local, so Fields submitted a lead card to his Postmaster.

Ronald Williams, a USPS sales representative, followed up with Bowed Out, which now uses USPS Connect Local to mail packages to its customers.

Fields’ lead is credited as the first employee-generated sale for USPS Connect Local, a major component of the Postal Service’s 10-year Delivering for America plan. The program is now available in more than 300 postal locations in Texas.

Fields, who also owns a small textbook publishing business with his sister, believes USPS Connect Local addresses many of the shipping challenges small businesses face.

“I know how important it is for a company to have good shipping, good pricing and a reliable distribution chain. I tell customers the Postal Service is the most reliable distribution chain,” he said.

Lakeisha Russell also believes USPS Connect Local is a good match for many of her customers.

“There are a lot of small businesses here. Most work from home and they usually mail a whole lot of packages,” said Russell, who has worked as a retail associate at the Waxahachie, TX, Post Office for eight years.

When customers drop off packages, Russell talks to them about USPS Connect Local.

“I tell them they can save some money and their customers will get their packages the next day with USPS Connect Local. I also give them the name of a customer service representative,” she said.

Sometimes customers aren’t interested, but it’s important to let them know about USPS services, Russell said.

“Often they will come back and ask, ‘What was the number to the customer service representative again? I think I want to try it,’” she said.

Russell has submitted several leads, including one for a fragrance company that recently signed up for USPS Connect Local.

“I submit leads all of the time. It makes me feel good. I feel like I’ve done my job,” she said.