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Wide world of wellness

Register for challenge by Sept. 27

The Worldwide Wellness challenge allows participants to get fit around the world (virtually, at least).

There’s still time to give yourself a world-class wellness experience.

The Worldwide Wellness challenge, a six-week interactive program to build behaviors for lifelong wellness while virtually traveling the globe, began last month.

USPS employees can use their personal, nonpostal devices to log into the program website or download the Worldwide Wellness app to track physical activity and healthy behaviors, access hundreds of delicious recipes and virtually visit and learn about travel destinations around the world.

Participants can record steps manually, by using a tracking device or by using an activity converter tool provided by the program.

Employees can create teams of four to five members and get support from colleagues, friends and interactive message boards to stay motivated. Participating in small groups helps make the challenge more engaging and provides an opportunity for team building.

The Worldwide Wellness challenge runs from Sept. 13-Oct. 24. Registration began last month, and the last day to officially join is Sept. 27.

Employees can register on the Worldwide Wellness website.

This voluntary challenge is sponsored by Government Employees Health Association, a provider of health benefit plans for federal employees.

Nonexempt postal employees may participate off the clock or during authorized breaks. Those with questions should email the USPS Health and Wellness team.