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No small measure

USPS emphasizes importance of scanning

USPS is using this image to promote the importance of scanning throughout the postal network.

Accurate scanning matters more than you might think.


That’s the message USPS is delivering to employees as it works to offer excellent service, a cornerstone of the organization’s 10-year plan, Delivering for America.


Most employees know that scanning allows customers to know when their packages will arrive, a critically important requirement in the era of online shopping and increasing competition in the shipping industry.


But scanning also plays an important role in helping USPS measure its service.


Every time an employee scans a letter, flat or other mailpiece, the data is collected by the Internal Service Performance Measurement (SPM), the organization’s official reporting and recording system.


“We need every employee to complete every scan, every time,” said Jeff Johnson, the Postal Service’s enterprise analytics vice president. “The more mailpieces that are scanned, the more accurate and reliable our measurement will be.”


Internal SPM data allows the organization to track letters, flats and other mailpieces as they move through the USPS network. This helps managers and employees identify potential problems, analyze the root cause and make improvements.


Additionally, the data helps the organization meet its service performance targets.


To help ensure the Postal Service’s measurement is complete, the organization wants employees to perform all required scans, including when mail is received, processed through automated equipment and loaded onto trucks.


The bottom line, Johnson said, is this: Scan, scan, scan.


“Scanning demonstrates our commitment to quality and service that our customers expect. Each scan communicates proper completion of a step in the mailflow, reinforcing the trust we have with our customers.”

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