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Do you know which USPS executives are moving up in the organization?

Here’s a look at some recent changes in the Postal Service leadership ranks:

• Brooklyn, NY, Postmaster Eddie L. Banner was named acting Bronx, NY, Postmaster. Jamaica, NY, Postmaster John J. Tortorice was named acting Brooklyn Postmaster.

Barbara Batin, a 35-year USPS employee, was named manager of the Remote Encoding Center in Salt Lake City.

Wanda I. Diaz, the New York City customer service operations manager, was named acting Manhattan Postmaster.

• Columbus, OH, Postmaster Jennifer A. Goldstein was named acting retail and Post Office operations field support director.

Fontell E. Peart, an operations specialist at headquarters, was named operations integration and support director.

• California 2 District Manager Michael S. Mirides retired Aug. 31 after 33 years with USPS.

Brent A. Raney, surface logistics senior director at headquarters, retired Aug. 31 after 41 years with the Postal Service.

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