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While supplies last

USPS to end gift card flat-rate envelopes

USPS introduced Priority Mail Gift Card Flat Rate Envelopes in 2010.

The Postal Service is discontinuing the Priority Mail Gift Card Flat Rate Envelopes used to mail greeting and gift cards.

The envelopes will remain available online at while supplies last.

Customers who use these envelopes are encouraged to place desired orders before supplies are depleted.

Introduced in 2010, Priority Mail Gift Card Flat Rate Envelopes are available, at no charge, in packs of two and five.

Featuring a special pocket to hold both a greeting card and a gift card, envelopes are placed in a Priority Mail Flat Rate Envelope for customers’ convenience and to provide additional visibility in mail processing.

However, after conducting a return-on-investment analysis, the Postal Service decided to discontinue further production of the envelopes.

After supplies are depleted, employees should recommend Priority Mail Small Flat Rate Envelopes as an alternative option to customers, who can order them online in packs of 10.

Employees who have questions should email them to