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Solid Wood

Wichita, KS, Parcel Post Distribution Machine Clerk Alisha Wood

Alisha Wood, a parcel post distribution machine clerk at the Wichita, KS, Processing and Distribution Center, has been pitching in on her own time to help out a co-worker who is recovering from a stroke.

Wood takes the man, who lives alone, to medical appointments and assists with grocery shopping and other household needs.

While dropping off food one day in February, she grew concerned that his speech was slurred.

He assured her he was fine, but when she called him later to check on him, his slurring was worse.

Wood rushed to her colleague’s house, and when she arrived, she couldn’t understand him at all.

She immediately called 911, and paramedics soon arrived to take him to a hospital, where he was treated for another stroke.

When he was discharged to continue recuperating at home, Wood resumed her efforts to support him during his recovery.

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