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Friends till the end

Scotland, GA, Postmaster Relief Amy Barber

Postmaster Relief Amy Barber was recently on duty in Scotland, GA, when she grew concerned about a customer, Karen Murphy, whose Post Office Box was filling up.

Barber requested a wellness check, and Murphy was found unconscious at home, in dire need of medical attention.

The gravely ill customer was rushed to a hospital, and once she came to, she was able to contact a friend of over 30 years, Juanita Bowen, who soon took her in to care for her.

Bowen later mailed a letter to the local Postmaster, praising Barber’s knowledge of and concern for her customers.

“As a result, Karen did not have to die alone on her floor, but rather with her friends surrounding her at my home,” Bowen wrote.

“I know I will always feel a debt of gratitude toward Ms. Barber for giving me the opportunity to be with my lifelong friend when she most needed me.”

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