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Grateful grandson

Arlington, TX, Letter Carrier Lee Gammage

Letter Carrier Lee Gammage was recently delivering mail in an Arlington, TX, neighborhood when he heard someone yelling for help inside a residence.

Gammage yelled back through the mail slot in the front door, a customer responded that she’d fallen, and she asked him to come inside via an open back door.

The Postal Service employee did so and found the woman in agony on the floor, so he immediately located her phone for her and helped her call 911.

Emergency responders soon arrived and rushed the customer to a hospital, where she had surgery for a broken hip.

Her grandson later mailed a letter to the local Post Office.

He explained that his grandmother was living alone, having lost her husband to COVID-19 just weeks before, and would have suffered for hours before anyone was due to check on her.

“She realized she had one hope,” he wrote. “She knew the mail had not yet come and perhaps the postman would hear her.”

He continued: “This could have gone much different. But Mr. Gammage is known to be a friendly member of the neighborhood community. He obviously invests himself in awareness of his surroundings and did not hesitate to render aid. We are very grateful for his actions and his service. God bless Mr. Gammage and the U.S. Postal Service.”

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