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Less is more

Controlling access to USPS systems

Managers and supervisors shouldn’t grant access to USPS systems and technology unless it’s absolutely necessary.

The Postal Service is reminding managers and supervisors to protect USPS computer systems and resources by proactively approving, denying, suspending or terminating user privileges through eAccess.

Access should not be granted to the organization’s systems or resources unless it’s absolutely necessary. Grant as few privileges as possible to limit user access and protect postal technology.

Section 9-3 (Authorization) of Handbook AS-805, Information Security, provides guidance on user access, as well as information on:

• Revoking access for personnel who have changed jobs, transferred or were terminated;

• The manager periodic review (MPR) process, which involves checking access rights for employees twice a year and contractors on a quarterly basis; and

• Pending actions, which are sent from eAccess by email with a link to a pending task whenever an MPR is due.

MPR requests will also appear in the pending actions area of the manager tab in eAccess.