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Strength in numbers

From left, Parlin, NJ, Letter Carrier James Nolan, Postmaster James Tee and Letter Carrier Joseph Hayes

Postmaster James Tee and Letter Carrier Joseph Hayes were on duty one afternoon recently at the Parlin, NJ, Post Office when they heard screams for help in the parking lot.

Tee and Hayes rushed outside and saw that a woman had been struck by a customer’s vehicle, leaving her pinned beneath it and gravely injured.

There was no way for it to be moved without hurting her further.

Tee immediately called 911, then — at the urging of the woman’s frantic husband — he, Hayes and another letter carrier, James Nolan, joined forces with other customers on the scene to lift the vehicle and free her.

Emergency responders soon arrived and took the woman to a hospital for treatment of internal injuries, broken ribs and leg trauma.

She is recovering from the incident.

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