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Saved in Santa Fe

Santa Fe, NM, Letter Carrier Phyllis Garcia

Letter Carrier Phyllis Garcia was recently making deliveries in a Santa Fe, NM, neighborhood when she grew concerned about a customer whose mail was piling up.

Garcia got no answer when she knocked on the man’s door and rang his bell, so she checked with neighbors, who had seen no sign of him in several days.

The Postal Service employee requested a wellness check, and responding officers found the customer stranded on his living room floor, in dire need of medical attention.

The following day, Garcia encountered the man’s daughter, who explained he had fallen, was extremely dehydrated, and wanted to speak with her when he felt better.

Several days later, they chatted.

“He was exceptionally grateful to Phyllis and told her if it weren’t for her calling in a wellness check, he wouldn’t have made it,” said local Customer Services Manager Rosemarie Griego. “He said he was lying there thinking he was going to die, but because of her making that call, she saved him.”

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