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Semipostal sales

Follow these rules for fundraising stamp activities

The Postal Service’s semipostal fundraising stamps include, clockwise from top left, Breast Cancer Research, Alzheimer’s, Healing PTSD and Save Vanishing Species.

The Postal Service has issued guidelines about promoting the sale of semipostal stamps, which raise funds related to the cause associated with the stamps.

USPS currently sells four semipostal stamps and has designated a month to promote each one: Alzheimer’s (September), Breast Cancer Research (October), Save Vanishing Species (November) and Healing PTSD (December).

Here are the guidelines employees must follow when planning events to promote semipostal stamps:

• Employees may only use articles, press releases and marketing materials that have been approved and provided by Corporate Communications, Stamp Services and Marketing.

• Outside organizations are not allowed to distribute materials related to the semipostal stamp cause or hold awareness or charitable activities in Post Office lobbies or on postal property.

• Postal employees may not solicit or accept donations from customers.

• Raffles and drawings are allowed only if everyone can enter for free without a purchase being required, the prizes have been donated voluntarily by employees or paid for with authorized postal funds, and a raffle or drawing is held to promote each semipostal stamp.

• Decorations cannot include images of stamps, including semipostal stamps. The phrases “Fund the fight. Find a cure,” “#PostalProud” and “Postal Proud” maybe used on decorations. Use of the Postal Service pink ribbon image, which is available from the Ethics Office, is also allowed.

• Employees may wear preapproved semipostal T-shirts during promotional activities, with approval of the head of the facility. Employees can order T-shirts, at their own expense, until Aug. 15, using password usps2021.

Employees with questions about semipostal stamp promotion activities should email the Ethics Office for guidance.