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New delivery option

‘Carrier — Leave If No Response’ reminder

The new option authorizes USPS employees to leave some shipments in a designated area if no signature is required.

USPS is reminding employees about a new service that ensures timely deliveries for customers who request expedited packaging supplies (EPS).

These supplies — including corrugated containers, envelopes, pressure-sensitive labels and decals — are specially designed for use with domestic and international Priority Mail Express and Priority Mail services, at no additional cost to customers.

All expedited packaging supplies must include a “Carrier — Leave If No Response” endorsement shipping label on uninsured EPS shipments that don’t require a signature.

The labels authorize postal employees who make the initial delivery to leave EPS shipments in an area — such as an uncovered porch, stairwell or similar location — designated in the customers’ instructions.

Employees must scan the Intelligent Mail package barcode at delivery.

Further delivery instructions are outlined in the Domestic Mail Manual, Section 508.1.2; the Postal Operations Manual, Section 617.2; Handbook M-41, Section 322.311; and Handbook PO-603, Section 331.22

“Carrier — Leave If No Response” endorsement shipping labels, which USPS introduced in May, aim to improve service by eliminating the need for customers to travel to local postal facilities to retrieve EPS orders because no one was available to accept deliveries.

Sales employees must complete a one-hour course on the Expedited Packaging Supplies Application, used to process all specialized packaging orders. The course (number 2021MKTG5059CR03) is now available on HERO.