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They like Mike

Pewaukee, WI, City Carrier Assistant Mike Williams

City Carrier Assistant Mike Williams was making deliveries one day in January in a Pewaukee, WI, neighborhood when he heard loud moaning.

Williams looked around and spotted a customer lying in snow beside a driveway across the street.

The Postal Service employee rushed to check on the man, who had fallen and needed help getting to his residence.

Williams safely lifted the customer, carried him inside and left him in the care of his parents.

Local Customer Services Supervisor Tim Enk later spoke with the man’s mother, who explained that her son had been extremely weak following dialysis.

She and her husband, she added, have heart conditions and would not have been able to assist him.

“She was so grateful for Mike’s care and compassion to make sure her son got into the house safely,” Enk said.

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