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Little driver’s seat

USPS licenses ride-on vehicle for kids

The new Postal Service ride-on vehicle for kids will be available July 13.

The Postal Service and Kid Trax, a top toymaker, have created a licensed USPS ride-on vehicle for children.

The vehicle, which looks like a mail delivery truck, is geared toward kids ages 3 to 5 and will be available for purchase through Amazon and the Kid Trax website, beginning July 13. The suggested retail price will be $269.

“It will be a great learning tool for kids to have fun, use their imagination and connect with the Postal Service employees who visit their home every day to deliver their mail and packages. It is also an ideal gift for employees and retirees to purchase for the children in their lives,” said Amity Kirby, the USPS licensing manager.

The Postal Service is releasing the vehicle amid the widespread appreciation that customers of all ages have displayed for USPS during the coronavirus pandemic.

The vehicle’s debut also follows other licensed products, including letter carrier costumes for both kids and pets.

“It’s a great way for us to reach kids in this day and age and build brand loyalty at a young age,” Kirby said.

Because of the size of the box that the ride-on vehicle comes in, it cannot ship through USPS. However, Kid Trax will also produce a Post Office play tent and mailbox set that will be available for purchase at The manufacturer’s suggested retail price is $44, and the set will be shipped through the Postal Service.

The vehicle has been submitted for a nomination this fall in the Toy of the Year Awards, an annual competition that is described as the Oscars of the toy industry.

While Kirby said it would be an honor to be nominated, the new product is a “really positive brand story for the organization and a really great way for us to reach a generation of kids.”

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