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Darin maneuver

Sun City, AZ, Letter Carrier Darin Chew

Letter Carrier Darin Chew was recently delivering mail in a Sun City, AZ, neighborhood when he heard a customer screaming for help outside her home.

Chew rushed to check on the woman, who had just called 911 after finding her husband collapsed in their driveway while putting air in the tires of their car before a shopping trip.

Finding no pulse or signs of respiration, Chew immediately started performing CPR on the man until paramedics arrived and took over.

It was determined that the man had suffered a heart attack with multiple blockages, and bypass surgery was planned following a three-day medically induced coma.

“His wife calls Darin a miracle from God,” said Sun City Postmaster Diana Christian. “A doctor told her that if chest compressions hadn’t been done, her husband would not have survived. The couple, their neighbors and their church are all so very grateful Darin was there.”

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