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Seaver to retire

Retail, delivery chief to step down Aug. 28

Chief Retail and Delivery Officer Kristin Seaver

Chief Retail and Delivery Officer Kristin Seaver will retire Aug. 28, concluding a Postal Service career that began almost three decades ago.

In a memo announcing the news this week, Postmaster General Louis DeJoy praised Seaver, writing that he named her retail and delivery chief last year because he wanted someone in the role who is “innovative, creative and a visionary.”

Seaver previously served as COVID-19 incident commander, providing leadership and guidance that allowed USPS to continue its essential service at the outset of the coronavirus pandemic.

Her other roles include chief information officer from 2016-2020, a time marked by major technological advances such as Informed Delivery and Automated Package Verification; Capital Metro Area vice president; and operations support manager for both Northeast and Eastern areas.

She joined the Postal Service as an industrial engineer in 1991.

“Kristin’s legacy is one that will be long remembered and lasting — the industrial engineer who combined energy, people and technology to create a positive culture of collaboration and performance,” DeJoy wrote.

Joshua D. Colin, delivery operations vice president, will serve as acting chief retail and delivery officer.