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In good supply

Awards presented to top suppliers

USPS has presented its Supplier Performance Awards to 13 firms that have collaborative business relationships with the organization.

The annual awards — announced May 25 during a virtual ceremony — honor suppliers that contribute to the Postal Service’s positive bottom-line savings, increased revenue or performance results.

Award recipients were recognized in four categories:

• Supplier Performance Awards: Deloitte, Hewlett Packard Enterprise Co., Perspecta Enterprise Solutions, MSC Industrial Supply Co. and Jones Lange LaSalle.

• Supplier Excellence Awards: Logistics Management Institute, TriEnda Holdings, MBA Consulting Services Inc., OEM Systems, Granite Communications and Booz Allen Hamilton.

• Supplier Innovation Awards: ATC Group Services/Atlas Technical Consultants.

• Supplier Sustainability Excellence Awards: Gable Signs & Graphics.

The Postal Service’s supplier relationships encompass more than $14.1 billion in expenditures annually.