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Beginning June 28, eTravel moves to ARIS

The eTravel application will soon move to the ARIS platform.

The Postal Service is moving eTravel from eAccess to ARIS, the organization’s new platform for accessing USPS digital resources.

Beginning Wednesday, June 23, requests for access to eTravel through eAccess will no longer be available.

Effective Monday, June 28, all new eTravel requests or modifications must be made through ARIS.

The new platform can be accessed by typing “ARIS” in the search bar on the Blue homepage. A link under “Essential Links” will also be added.

The ARIS Blue page has information on how to use the platform and FAQs.

ARIS — short for Access Registration and Identity Services — will effectively replace eAccess, which was launched 23 years ago and uses legacy technology that is costly to maintain and increasingly vulnerable to security threats.

In addition to eTravel, other applications — including TACS and eRMS — will move to ARIS this year.