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Distinctive vision

Stamps honor artist Emilio Sanchez

The Emilio Sanchez stamps feature four of the artist’s distinctive architectural lithographs and paintings.

The Postal Service will celebrate the works of acclaimed artist Emilio Sanchez with the release of four stamps on June 10.

Sanchez (1921-1999) combined naturalism and abstraction to create architectural paintings and lithographs that presented subjective interpretations of reality.

His work, which can be found in permanent collections around the world, often depicts a single building, with extraneous details stripped away. Sometimes, a balustrade, arched doorway, balcony or other specific features are highlighted.

Sanchez then used strong light and deep shadows on the building’s facade to emphasize its abstract geometry without obscuring its character.

Designed by Antonio Alcalá, the Forever stamps will feature four of Sanchez’s distinctive architectural lithographs and paintings.

The stamps will be available in panes of 20 at Post Offices and