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The droids you’re looking for

10 characters on the ‘Star Wars’-inspired stamps

The “Star Wars”-inspired stamps feature 10 of the franchise’s best-known droids.

Here’s a look at the 10 droids featured on the Postal Service’s recently released “Star Wars”-inspired stamps.

1. IG-11. After beginning life as an assassin droid and dangerous member of the Bounty Hunters Guild, IG was reprogrammed to protect Grogu during the first season of “The Mandalorian” television series in 2019.

2. R2-D2. This fan favorite has been a pillar of the “Star Wars” stories since his introduction in “Star Wars: A New Hope.” Often called “Artoo,” he is a courageous astromech droid — mechanically and navigationally gifted, and the constant companion of C-3PO.

3. C-3PO. “Threepio,” a well-loved, highly recognizable human-cyborg relations droid, is a mainstay of nearly all the “Star Wars” films. He’s the best friend of R2-D2 and a worry-prone protocol droid who is conversant in 6 million forms of communication.

4. K-2SO. A loyal friend to Rebel Alliance Captain Cassian Andor, “Kay-Tu” is glitchy, cynical, prone to sarcasm and disobeys minor orders. He can be found in “Rogue One: A Star Wars Story.”

5. D-O. This tiny, excitable one-wheeled custom droid first appeared in “Star Wars: The Rise of Skywalker.” He was found lying dormant on an abandoned ship on the planet Pasaana. Once recharged by BB-8, the impressionable D-O emulates his spherical droid rescuer.

6. L3-37. A self-made gifted navigator and outspoken advocate of droid rights, L3-37 is a rare combination astromech and protocol droid. She can be found in “Solo: A Star Wars Story,” where she and Lando Calrissian copilot the Millennium Falcon to Kessel, a cavernous mining planet, to join a dangerous raid.

7. 2-1B. This series of medical droids was introduced in “Star Wars: The Empire Strikes Back.” A 2-1B droid is first seen while treating Luke Skywalker after he was attacked by a wampa on the ice planet Hoth and again after Luke’s hand was amputated in a duel with Darth Vader. These mechanical medics tend to humans and all of the galaxy’s diverse “biologicals.”

8. BB-8. Adored by “Star Wars” fans new and old is BB-8, who made his debut in “The Force Awakens” as the fiercely loyal astromech droid of Poe Dameron, Rey and their Resistance allies.

9. GNK. One class of droids seen quite often in the “Star Wars” stories are the GNK — or “Gonk” — power droids. These unassuming walking batteries are vital, providing power throughout the highly mechanized galaxy. The power droids’ nickname comes from its simple vocalization, “gonk.”

10. Chopper. More formally known as C1-10P, Chopper is an essential crewmember aboard the Ghost, a Rebel starship. He’s also a grumpy, older-model droid and was introduced in the “Star Wars Rebels” TV series.

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