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Baby driver

Richland Center, WI, Rural Carrier Kimberly Clark

Rural Carrier Kimberly Clark was recently delivering mail in Richland Center, WI, when she spotted an SUV that had skidded off the road into 6-foot-tall weeds.

Clark called 911 and saw no sign of occupants, but she recognized the vehicle and wanted to ensure the owners were OK, so she drove to their residence to check on them.

At the customers’ house, she encountered a 7-year-old girl home alone who said a 14-year-old family friend staying there had driven off in the SUV.

Clark rushed back to the accident scene, and child protective services authorities were dispatched to the residence.

She told emergency responders about the boy and he was soon located in the vicinity with critical injuries sustained when he was thrown from the vehicle.

“It’s just miraculous,” said Richland Center Postmaster Resa Norwood. “If Kimberly had not seen the SUV in those tall weeds, he likely would have died.”

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