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Building excitement

Forbes essay lauds Informed Delivery

Informed Delivery helps build excitement around the arrival of mail, according to a new Forbes essay.

Informed Delivery is an effective option for firms that want to attract customers through multichannel marketing campaigns, according to a new essay on the Forbes business news website.

Linking digital and physical communications, Informed Delivery allows consumers to preview their incoming mail and manage their package deliveries on computers, smartphones and other internet-enabled devices.

More than 38 million people subscribe to the free feature.

“If your marketing strategy includes direct mail, it’s a good idea to take advantage of cost-effective new technology trends like Informed Delivery to increase traffic, drive sales and reach customers digitally,” Michael Plummer, president and chief executive officer of Our Town America, writes in the Forbes article.

Businesses and other organizations can use Informed Delivery to add interactive content to the notifications that consumers receive. When a customer clicks on this content, he or she is taken to the company’s website to receive offers, coupons or more information about the firm’s products and services.

Our Town America, based in Clearwater, FL, mails personalized welcome packages containing gift certificates and advertisements that promote local businesses to consumers who have recently moved into a community.

Since approximately 70 percent of subscribers open Informed Delivery emails when they arrive, the feature is a key component of Our Town America’s multichannel marketing campaigns.

“We use [it] to send a video to each person who will be receiving a welcome package in the mail. This creates some excitement for its arrival, which means new residents will be more likely to open and use the gift certificates when they arrive,” writes Plummer.

In 2020, mailers used the feature to conduct 80,322 interactive campaigns, up 85 percent from 2019.

Informed Delivery “helps drive new customers to our clients and allows us to continue to evolve with the changing times,” Plummer writes.