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USPS marks Earth Day

Throughout USPS, employees perform a variety of compliance, recycling and other tasks that help make the organization a sustainability leader among federal agencies.

The Postal Service will join the world in celebrating Earth Day on April 22 and encourage employees to integrate sustainability practices into their daily work.

“The Postal Service prioritizes sustainable and environmentally focused solutions throughout our organization,” said Chief Sustainability Officer Jennifer Beiro-Réveillé. “From our environmental compliance reviews to our recycling programs, we are proud to be a sustainability leader among federal agencies and international postal organizations.”

Here are some resources to help employees support sustainability:

• The Virtual Post Office and Virtual Vehicle Maintenance Facility online tools provide a visual walk-through of these types of facilities to highlight environmental compliance requirements and sustainability opportunities.

• The Green Project List, available on Blue, includes more than 40 examples of no- or low-cost projects focused on green purchasing, recycling and minimizing waste, as well as energy, fuel and water reduction.

• The Delivery/Retail Unit Backhaul Recycling Toolkit provides detailed, site-specific information on how to participate in the National Recycling Operation, one of several programs to reduce the organization’s effect on the environment.

The Sustainability page has more information, including the latest edition of the Annual Sustainability Report.