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Rising to the top

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Do you know which USPS executives are moving up in the organization?

Here’s a look at some recent changes in the USPS leadership ranks:

Lisa Arcari, commercial payment director at Postal Service headquarters in Washington, DC, was named pricing innovation manager. She succeeded Nan McKenzie, who is now leading a special project examining volumes, revenues and costs for all international products. Jeanette Cook, information technology program manager, was named acting commercial payment director.

James J. Boldt, rural delivery manager at headquarters, will retire March 26 after 36 years with USPS.

• Northern Virginia District Manager Tammy Edwards was named acting consumer advocate manager at headquarters.

Nicholas G. Faiola, transportation services category management center manager at headquarters, was named supply management infrastructure manager.

Tony Impronto, Connecticut Valley District’s operations program support manager, was named transformation manager, a special assignment in the chief retail and delivery officer’s organization.

• Mississippi District Manager Elizabeth Johnson will retire in late March after 37 years with the Postal Service.

• Alabama District Manager Angela Lawson was named systems integration director at USPS headquarters.

• San Diego District Manager Noemi Luna will retire March 26 after 26 years with the Postal Service.

• Los Angeles District Manager Robert Reynosa will retire March 26 after 37 years with USPS.

Marie C. Smith, the North Metro, GA, Processing and Distribution Center’s distribution operations senior manager, was named the Atlanta Processing and Distribution Center’s acting plant manager.

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