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Direct effect

News Quiz: How much do you remember?

Do you know the advantages of using direct deposit?

“News Quiz” is a weekly feature that lets you test your knowledge of recent Link stories. The correct answers appear at the end.

1. True or false: Taking advantage of the direct deposit option can help Postal Service avoid paycheck delivery delays caused by bad weather and other factors.

a) True
b) False

2. Fill in the blank: So far in the current fiscal year, the Mail Handlers employee lead program has generated (blank) in estimated annualized revenue, a 37 percent increase over the same period last year.

a) $649,162
b) $5.2 million
c) $10 million
d) $11.4 million

3. Through March 31, the Postal Service is seeking participants for which employee engagement program? More than one choice may be correct.

a) Certified Engaged Teams
b) Engagement Most Valuable Player
c) Engagement Leader of the Year
d) Next Level Connections

4. Approximately how many work-related musculoskeletal disorder injuries did USPS employees experience last year?

a) 900
b) 9,000
c) 90,000
d) 900,000

5. Which of these annual observances is not held in March?

a) Ergonomics Awareness Month
b) National Kidney Month
c) National Nutrition Month
d) National Women’s History Month

Answers: 1) a. 2) b. 3) b. 4) b. 5) a.

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