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Earth angel

Monmouth, IL, Letter Carrier Dave Stephenson

Letter Carrier Dave Stephenson was recently delivering mail in a Monmouth, IL, neighborhood when he smelled the odor of leaking gas at a multifamily residence.

Stephenson immediately called 911 and alerted occupants to the danger until firefighters arrived and completed the evacuation.

Twin sisters, their roommate and her 3-year-old daughter were at home in one apartment.

The sisters’ grandparents later mailed a letter for Stephenson to the local Post Office.

“We truly feel you were their angel who saved them from death,” they wrote, adding that the little girl and her mom, who were sleeping upstairs, were sickened by the gas and sought medical attention at a hospital.

“You are our whole family’s hero,” they continued. “We will be forever thankful to you.”

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