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Changing seasons

USPS promotes heat safety awareness

Poster showing heat safety information
The USPS Heat Illness Prevention Program includes a visual aid that details symptoms and proper first aid responses.

Winter is still in the air and snow is on the ground in many places, but it’s not too early to start promoting heat safety.

As part of the USPS Heat Illness Prevention Program (HIPP), a heat safety awareness poster is now available for facilities to download from Blue.

A visual aid that details symptoms of heat-related illnesses and proper first aid responses is also available.

The HIPP is triggered when weather reports for work locations, issued by the National Weather Service, indicate that outdoor heat index temperatures are expected to exceed 80 degrees during the course of a workday or work shift.

Heat stroke is the most severe heat-related illness. Other illnesses include heat cramps and heat rash.

Drinking plenty of water; dressing in light, loose-fitting clothes; and remaining in the shade when possible helps guard against heat illnesses.

To prepare for warm weather, facility managers or their designees can order heat safety posters, vehicle stickers and badge cards from the Topeka, KS, Material Distribution Center eBuyPlus catalog.

The Postal Service is also providing this information to employees through stand-up talks, HERO Skillsoft training, lanyard badges, vehicle stickers and by posting information in each facility.