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Falls upside

Menomonee Falls, WI, Rural Carrier Joshua Kannegiesser

Menomonee Falls, WI, Rural Carrier Joshua Kannegiesser was making deliveries one day last spring in a neighboring village, Lannon, when he came upon a customer in distress.

The woman, who is 69 and has knee problems, had fallen while gardening, and she was exhausted and aching after trying unsuccessfully to stand up.

The customer asked Kannegiesser for assistance, and they were soon joined by a neighbor who spotted them and aided in getting her safely into a lawn chair.

The Postal Service employee comforted the woman until she was sure she could walk inside, and he checked on her several days afterward.

The customer later took a letter to the local Postmaster.

“I was so grateful for Josh and the help given to me,” she wrote. “I was more at peace knowing he was there.”

Despite bruises and pain that she planned to see her physician about, there was a bright side:

“The best thing about it is that I met my kind and caring postman.”

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