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Cold hands, warm hearts

Lake Mills, WI, City Carrier Assistant Megan Mosher and Postmaster Todd Patton

On a frigid afternoon last year, Lake Mills, WI, City Carrier Assistant Megan Mosher was delivering a package to a residence when she made an unexpected discovery:

A man was passed out on the floor of the garage, without socks or shoes, wearing a T-shirt. The temperature was about 5 degrees.

Mosher motioned for Postmaster Todd Patton, who happened to be nearby.

There was no response when Patton asked the man if he was okay. The two called in to the house but again received no response. As Mosher searched the garage for blankets and jackets, Patton called 911.

The man began to stir and mumble after being warmed by blankets but was disoriented and asked where he was. Mosher and Patton waited with him until paramedics arrived.

He was treated for hypothermia at a hospital.

The next day, the man’s wife called the local Post Office, weeping, saying that her husband had been passed out for more than an hour and that Mosher and Patton had saved his life.

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