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Keeping pace

District’s Tortoise and Hare health effort concludes

Phoenix Acting Postmaster Tina Sweeney speaks to Kevin Cahill, a health and resource management specialist, during the socially distanced year-end luncheon.

More than 300 Postal Service employees recently completed Arizona/New Mexico District’s Tortoise and Hare Fitness Challenge, an annual effort to promote health and wellness.

The 36-week initiative aims to educate participants on a variety of topics, including maintaining good blood pressure, weight management and increasing physical mobility. The program is part of the Postal Service’s broader effort to promote employee health and wellness.

The Tortoise and Hare challenge also included weekly drawings in which participants received prizes, followed by a year-end luncheon that brought three randomly selected participants together with district leaders for a discussion of health and wellness goals and accomplishments.

The three participants were Kevin Cahill, a health and resource management specialist; Cheryl Hinch, a bulk mail technician; and Shaunynai Weatherly, a Phoenix Processing and Distribution Center distribution supervisor. They met with John Morgan, the acting district manager; Acting Phoenix Postmaster Tina Sweeney; and Yolanda Stenson, the West Valley, AZ, Processing and Distribution Center manager.

“My goal was to eat healthy and lose 25 pounds,” said Cahill, who has dropped about 18 pounds so far.

He added that he enjoyed seeing the success stories of other participants in the health challenge, as well as the program’s emphasis on diet and exercise.

The best part overall?

“Seeing progress,” he said.

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