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Rives Junction, MI, Retail Associate Denise Prentler

This year, Postal Service employees offered tips for one another through Link’s “Best Practices” column.

Here’s some of their best advice:

  • Remember that customers are counting on you. “Many people — especially older customers who live alone — look forward to their daily mail delivery.” — Gordonsville, VA, Rural Carrier Tyler Balint
  • Share information.“Sometimes customers don’t know what to ask, so employees must be able to anticipate their needs. Don’t be afraid to ask your customers a few questions so that you can lead them in the right direction.” — Ocracoke, NC, Postmaster Celeste Brooks
  • Be visual.“Keep the latest stamps on display so customers can see what’s available.” — Rives Junction, MI, Retail Associate Denise Prentler
  • Familiarize yourself with the Postal Service’s offerings.“In addition to shipping options like Priority Mail, learn about services like Every Door Direct Mail and Informed Delivery.” — Dallas Customer Services Manager Emiliano Chapa
  • Promote engagement year-round. “Encourage employees to speak up and share their ideas throughout the year. Don’t act like you only care about their feedback when it’s time for the Postal Pulse.” — Altoona, PA, Postmaster Michael Olsavsky

Madeira Beach, FL, Letter Carrier Pamelin Williams always encourages colleagues to perform timely and accurate scans of the mail, but her best advice is to have an appreciation for the Postal Service’s mission to deliver.

“I love my job and I’m postal proud,” she said.

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