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Fairfax, VA, Letter Carrier Mauricio Cruz

No matter what their job title might be, all Postal Service employees contribute to the organization’s effort to deliver for the nation — and throughout 2020, Link’s “On the Job” column introduced readers to several of these hardworking public servants.

Dale Scalero, a USPS tractor-trailer operator in Sacramento, CA, said he takes pride in his behind-the-scenes role.

“Tractor-trailer operators aren’t often recognized, but we work hard to make sure that our customers’ mail gets to its recipients. It’s an honor for me to wear the uniform and a privilege to drive for our organization,” he said.

Likewise, La-Vora Chambers Better, a Postal Police supervisor in Washington, DC, said she knows how much postal workers depend on her to protect them.

“What we do is very important. Employees know they can depend on us. If something happens, we’ll be there,” she said.

Several employees explained how their jobs changed because of the coronavirus pandemic.

Leo Ramirez, a Brooklyn, NY, custodian, said he always strives to keep his workplace clean but feels an even “greater responsibility” to disinfect common areas during the pandemic, while Lupe Hernandez, a Los Angeles acting contract technician whose job involves ordering supplies, said the pandemic-fueled shipping surge made her busier than ever.

“We surpassed 15 million packages in April. That requires a lot of supplies!” she said.

Meanwhile, Mauricio Cruz, a Fairfax, VA, letter carrier, said the pandemic taught him the importance of being proactive by wearing face coverings and practicing social distancing, both on the clock and off.

“I would encourage my co-workers to be proactive, too,” Cruz said. “Be serious about your job more now because a lot of people depend on us. Keep pushing and we’re going to make it through these hard times.”

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