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Inspection Service offers holiday tips

A new Postal Inspection Service video shows customers how to customize their holiday package deliveries.

This year, people are ordering more merchandise online than ever before, resulting in millions of USPS package deliveries each day. Postal inspectors are offering tips on how to prevent these parcels from becoming targets of theft during the holiday season.

In a new public service announcement, the Inspection Service encourages customers to customize their package delivery if they know the item will not fit inside their mailbox and they won’t be home to receive it.

To authorize a carrier to leave eligible packages at a specified location, go to, enter the package tracking number and select “Delivery Instructions.” Boxes can be left at points around the delivery address, delivered to an alternate address or held at a local Post Office.

For more recommendations on how to protect your mail this holiday season, go to the Inspection Service’s Holiday Readiness website.