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Complex solution

Fort Myers, FL, Letter Carrier Rosemarie Tanner

Letter Carrier Rosemarie Tanner was delivering mail at a condominium complex in Fort Myers, FL, one day last year when she came upon several customers in a moment of crisis.

An older man recovering from leg surgery had toppled over in the parking lot while operating a mobility scooter, and his wife and two neighbors were struggling to assist him.

Tanner stopped and safely helped get the man up and into his car to rest.

She also rendered first aid for cuts he sustained when he fell.

One of his neighbors later mailed a letter to the local Post Office.

“Rosemarie does an amazing job in our complex,” the neighbor wrote. “She is so friendly, helpful and courteous to all, especially the seniors who live here. I don’t know what we would have done without her help. We are so grateful to her for all she does.”

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