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‘Home’ for Christmas

USPS debuts holiday-themed ad

The Postal Service’s new holiday television commercial began airing Nov. 13.

The commercial, titled Home,” shows holiday mail and packages working their way through a mail processing center and being loaded onto trucks while mail carriers get ready to start their delivery rounds.

Carriers are then shown making deliveries in rain and snow. The commercial ends with a carrier — played by Sandra Delgado, a real-life letter carrier in Burbank, CA — leaving a package on a customer’s holiday-decorated porch before adjusting a flickering light.

The one-minute commercial, which features the classic tune “I’ll Be Home for Christmas,” also show a customer using a mobile device that displays an Informed Delivery message.

During this week’s all-employee video message, Postmaster General Louis DeJoy previewed a 30-second version of the commercial, which can be seen on traditional broadcast and various online channels.

The ad is part of a holiday campaign that includes a seasonal mailer being sent to customers that highlights how mail helps people connect during the holidays.

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