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Background check

USPS offers photo policy reminder

Postal Service employees should take care when creating background images for Zoom meetings.

The Postal Service wants employees to remember to keep it professional when it comes to profile photos on HERO, Outlook, Zoom and other platforms used by USPS.

Under the organization’s photo policy, employees should post only recent images of themselves wearing appropriate attire, such as business-casual clothing or a USPS-sanctioned uniform.

Profile photos should also avoid distracting backgrounds, and the focus and lighting should be of sufficient quality for each platform.

These guidelines also apply to Zoom’s virtual backgrounds, which give each meeting participant an option to display any image as a background during a videoconferencing session.

To ensure the feature is used properly, the Postal Service offers the following guidance:

• Be sure the background image sets the appropriate tone for the meeting.

• Never use backgrounds considered unprofessional, distracting or otherwise inappropriate.

• Avoid moving or flashing backgrounds that could distract from the meeting’s focus.

• Don’t use backgrounds that violate the Hatch Act, such as an image that promotes a political candidate.

Employees who have questions should speak to a manger or supervisor.