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Brand and Policy Manager Tanya Lyle

Tanya Lyle wants to help Postal Service employees share accurate, approved information with their colleagues.

Lyle, the USPS brand and policy manager, oversees the organization’s clearance process, which is used to review and approve forms, directives, Postal Bulletin articles and other official documents before they are published.

Through clearance, employees seeking to publish documents must first consult with other offices to learn different viewpoints; identify and resolve differences, procedural conflicts and duplications; and take steps to avoid potential legal and labor issues.

“The clearance process is critical to ensuring we distribute the most accurate information possible,” Lyle says.

To help employees complete the clearance process, Lyle encourages them to follow these steps:

• Go to PolicyNet, the Postal Service’s policy website.

• In the left-hand column, select “Clearance.”

• Under “Select a Clearance Memo,” choose the clearance document that best aligns with your project.

Because USPS frequently updates its clearance documents to improve ease of use, Lyle also recommends employees bookmark PolicyNet’s Clearance page and visit it regularly to ensure they are using the most up-to-date forms.

“Using the correct clearances can save you — and the Postal Service — a lot of time and effort,” she says.

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