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Winter is here

New stamps celebrate season’s beauty

The Winter Scenes stamps, available in booklets of 20, will feature 10 images that capture the season’s quiet beauty.

The Postal Service will release Winter Scenes, stamps that celebrate the season’s splendor and serenity, on Oct. 16.

The booklet of 20 stamps feature 10 photographs from the Northern United States.

Five stamps feature images of winter wildlife against their snowy habitats: a bright red cardinal, a colorful blue jay, two foraging deer, a majestic owl and a portly brown bunny.

Two stamps feature barns, both a brilliant red that contrasts with the surrounding snow and evergreen trees.

The landscapes in two other stamps focus on the beauty of freshly fallen snow; one shows a long lane bounded by tall trees with snow-covered branches and the other features two towering evergreens covered in snow, highlighted against a cloudy sky and far-off hills.

The final stamp depicts two large brown horses pulling a sleigh through the snow.

Derry Noyes, a USPS art director, designed the stamps using existing images taken by several photographers.

Winter Scenes stamps, which can be used on cards and letters year-round, will be available at Post Offices and

Winter Scenes will be one of several holiday stamp releases this year, along with Holiday Delights, Hanukkah, Kwanzaa and Our Lady of Guápulo.

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