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Mask-wearing man sorts mail in postal workroom
Gordonsville, VA, Rural Carrier Tyler Balint

Tyler Balint enjoys being friendly.

The Gordonsville, VA, rural carrier takes pride in delivering mail and packages to customers on his route — especially during the coronavirus pandemic, when many people are relying on the Postal Service to bring their medicine, supplies and other essential products.

“It’s the little things that help keep our customers connected, [like] driving up to deliver the mail and simply saying, ‘Hello, how are you doing?’” Balint says.

USPS wants all employees to follow his lead. By providing friendly service, the organization aims to build customer loyalty and drive revenue growth.

To help employees, the Postal Service offers these tips:

• Remember that customers are counting on you. Many people — especially older customers who live alone — look forward to their daily mail delivery.

“The carrier might be a customer’s only live contact that day. Human connection helps everyone … and my customers seem to appreciate my building that rapport,” Balint says.

• Strive for accuracy. Friendliness is important, but it’s not the only ingredient. It’s vital to be good at every part of your job.

If you’re a mail carrier like Balint, that means scanning mail and packages at the actual delivery time so customers can receive timely updates on the whereabouts of their items — and treating every mailpiece like it were your own.

• Take care of yourself, too. Follow the Postal Service’s safety protocols during the pandemic — like practicing social distancing — and never forget that customers consider you a lifeline.

In other words, Balint says, remember that treating people with care and courtesy doesn’t just benefit them.

“It even helps me cope,” he says.

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