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Recruiting duty

Veteran Programs Recruiter Neana Long

My name is Neana Long and I’m the veteran programs recruiter working at Postal Service headquarters in Washington, DC. I focus on military veteran recruitment and retention through hiring initiatives and employee veteran outreach.

I was in the Marine Corps from 1993-2001, and I believe my status as a veteran allows me to have insight into effective ways to reach service members.

Before the coronavirus pandemic, my colleagues and I were going to job fairs and military installations all over the country. Now we have adapted to doing things virtually, including participating in a few online events each week.

I also spend time training our human resources field recruiters and providing them with the resources they need to better recruit veterans. We have hiring targets every year, and the field is a big part of helping us meet those numbers.

Forging relationships with veteran-related organizations is an important part of my job. We work with other federal agencies and a number of military-affiliated groups.

I came on board with the Postal Service in 2007, first as an account manager, then a senior sales representative and then a trade show representative. I did some recruiting when I was a Marine, and working sales allowed me to get out and talk to people about what products and services USPS offers. Moving to my current position just seemed like the right fit.

My favorite part of the job is putting together the veteran recognition events like those held for Military Appreciation Month and Veterans Day. The position has really evolved since I began the job in 2018, and we do a lot more for our military members within the organization. We publish Mail Call Quarterly, which is our veterans-only newsletter, and we launched the veteran self-identification survey on HERO last year.

Outside of work, my husband and I like to spend time with our extended families. I’ve also recently gotten back into my running routine.

I’m always interested in other people’s ideas and willing to collaborate with anyone in the organization to do right by our nation’s veterans.

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