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Defense team

Rochester, NY, City Carrier Assistant Ramique Hill

City Carrier Assistant Ramique Hill was delivering mail one day last fall in a Rochester, NY, neighborhood when a crisis erupted:

A police officer, Denny Wright, responding to a domestic-dispute call was brutally attacked by a knife-wielding suspect attempting to flee the scene.

Hill and two other men — a neighbor and a construction worker remodeling a home nearby — rushed to Wright’s defense and safely restrained the suspect until additional officers arrived.

The heroic trio was later recognized with proclamations presented during a Rochester City Council meeting.

“You saw someone in need, you heard someone in need, you ran in and stepped up,” said Mayor Lovely Warren. “We know that Officer Wright is possibly here today because of the work that you all did. We want to tell you that we truly appreciate you.”

Wright, who was blinded in the attack, is recovering.

The suspect faced multiple charges, including attempted murder.

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