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On a mission

PMG praises employees for service, commitment

Postmaster General Louis DeJoy address managers and employees at the Richmond, VA, Processing and Distribution Center.

During a visit to Richmond, VA, last week, Postmaster General Louis DeJoy thanked employees for their service and encouraged them to continue helping USPS to become more efficient.

At the Richmond Processing and Distribution Center, DeJoy stressed the need to focus on “operational precision, to become the most efficient and effective organization in the country. When we do that, we can drive business growth and enhance our connection to our customers.”

He also thanked employees for their commitment to the Postal Service’s mission, particularly during an election year.

“We play a special role in elections, and we’re all proud of that. It’s our duty to deliver every ballot, and I know you’re going to do a great job on the election for the American people,” he said.

The visit was part of the Postmaster General’s ongoing effort to recognize employees for helping USPS achieve operational excellence. Earlier in September, DeJoy traveled to Houston, where he praised workers for reducing late trips and delayed inventory.

The Postmaster General’s Richmond visit also included a stop at Pocoshock Creek Station, where he reviewed facility operations, met with employees and local management, and bought several sheets of stamps.

“Keep up the good work, stay safe and if you see a ballot, get it delivered!” DeJoy said.

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