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Protecting the network that binds the nation

USPS wants employees to do their part to help the Corporate Information Security Office protect postal technology systems.

The Postal Service is the network that binds the nation together — and much of it is powered by an information technology system that links almost 1.2 million devices and 66,000 mail processing machines.

It’s the network behind the network.

To help mark National Cybersecurity Awareness Month in October, USPS wants to help employees learn more about the efforts to safeguard this network — including the critical role that postal employees play.

The Corporate Information Security Office, also known as CISO, oversees these efforts.

This department, led by Greg Crabb, the Postal Service’s chief information security officer, protects the organization’s employees, customers and infrastructure from digital threats.

CISO is made up of several portfolios. One group, led by Chris Nielsen, the deputy chief information security officer, manages cybersecurity-related communications and strategic planning, training and awareness projects, policy development and compliance, and security architecture.

To help ensure this team’s success, the Postal Service wants employees to do their part, starting with these three steps:

• Get trained. Complete your assigned cybersecurity training when it’s available through the HERO learning portal.

• Join the CyberSafe Guardian program. You don’t have to work for CISO to protect the USPS network. By signing up to be a Cybersafe Guardian for your department, you can keep your colleagues cybersmart.

• Beware of tricksters. Whether by email, text message or voicemail, cybercriminals are hoping to trick you into giving away sensitive information. Don’t fall victim to a ransomware or phishing attack, which could turn your technology against you.

The National Cybersecurity Awareness Month Blue page and the CyberSafe at USPS Blue and LiteBlue pages have more information about CISO and related topics.

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