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Closing soon

USPS to replace Safety Toolkit

The Safety Toolkit will be removed Sept. 30 and replaced with a new website in early 2021.

The Postal Service will soon close its online Safety Toolkit to make room for a better version next year, although many of the system’s key features will remain available in the interim.

The Safety Toolkit will be removed Sept. 30 and replaced with the new website, called the Safety and Health Management Tool, in early 2021.

Employees should continue to complete and document all required safety activities using the following resources:

• The HERO learning portal will have mandatory stand-up talks on safety matters.

• The Microsoft Teams application will have inspection checklists for twice-yearly and annual documentation; reporting information for serious accidents, OSHA activity and hazard abatement; and PS 1767 Form, Report of Hazard, Unsafe Condition or Practice. To use the Microsoft Teams app, request access through eAccess.

• The Safety Toolkit’s safety resources and references will be available on the Safety Blue page.

Employees who use the Safety Toolkit should download any documents currently used in the online system — such as OSHA written programs and asbestos surveillance and inspections documentation — before Sept. 30.

Employees who have questions should contact a manager or supervisor.