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Doing for others

Houston Postal Inspector Nate Maxwell

My name is Nate Maxwell and I’m a postal inspector assigned to the workplace violence and security team at the Postal Inspection Service’s Houston Division headquarters. I strive each day to uphold our mission to ensure the public’s trust in the mail.

No two days are alike as a postal inspector. One day, I could be out in the field on an arrest operation, and the next, I could be giving a stand-up talk on safety tips to USPS employees. The autonomy and flexibility available to postal inspectors makes this one of the most sought-after law enforcement positions at the federal level.

The Inspection Service is unique. No other industry has its own elite law enforcement arm to protect its employees and ensure the sanctity of its products.

I’ve been a postal inspector for almost 23 years. Previously, I was a police detective in South Carolina, where I met my first postal inspector at a financial crimes meeting. He encouraged me to apply. I was also up for a position with the Federal Bureau of Investigation, but when the Inspection Service called and offered me a job, I took it. It was the best decision.

Over time, the core mission of postal inspectors hasn’t changed, but our cases have. Criminals are more sophisticated than ever, and postal inspectors are always training and learning better ways to stay one step ahead of anyone targeting our customers or the USPS infrastructure and brand.

Off the clock, I enjoy time with my family, relaxing, reading and playing golf. I’m married and have two daughters: the oldest is a registered nurse and the youngest is a second-grade school teacher. I also have a grandson who keeps me on the move.

USPS has been good for me because I discovered my purpose in life through my work as a postal inspector. I’m thankful for the countless number of great people I have encountered who helped shape my life and career. It’s why I enjoy coaching others to tap into their potential and become the best version of themselves.

I have been blessed, and I wake up every day to answer the question posed by Martin Luther King Jr.: “Life’s most persistent and urgent question, ‘What are you doing for others?’”

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