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Welcoming challenges

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Hartford, CT, Operations Support Specialist Rebekah Chamberlain

My name is Rebekah Chamberlain and I’m an operations support specialist at the Hartford, CT, Processing and Distribution Center. I work on a variety of projects, but as an operations support specialist, my main goal is to ensure the plant operates efficiently and in a way that meets our customers’ needs.

I’m part of a team of operations support specialists. On a day-to-day basis, we provide support for mail processing operations, address customer service inquiries, monitor mail flow and perform research and analysis to improve processes.

I work Tour 1 — the overnight shift — which is the best time to be at the plant. All of the machines are up and running. Every night, I have the opportunity to meet with management to discuss operational matters, review scanning scores and provide information on any new programs or processes.

I’m currently working on a project that involves scanning and surface visibility, which helps provide greater visibility into the mail and packages processed at facilities and improves efficiency in the transportation network. One of my goals is to make sure employees are informed and aware of its significance. You can roll out a number of programs, but if you don’t let the employees know the “why” behind it, it’s sometimes harder to get them on board and engaged.

Before the Postal Service, I worked in the banking industry for 10 years. I became interested in a USPS career after my sister began working as a letter carrier. It seemed like a cool job and just the change I needed. I became a carrier in 2011, then took on other jobs, including working as a business development specialist, a consumer and industry contact manager, a senior business service network specialist and a distribution operations supervisor. I moved into my current position several months ago.

The Postal Service was a really good career move for me. I feel very fortunate to work here. USPS has given me the opportunity to explore multiple career paths, unlike any other organization I’ve ever worked for. Having the ability to develop, grow and make career-path changes is one of the main reasons I love working here.

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