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Three’s company

From left, Rochester, NY, Customer Services Supervisor Jake Chennell and retail associates Terricita Scott and Kerry Decoursey

Retail Associate Terricita Scott was on duty one day last December in Rochester, NY, when she grew concerned about an older customer who was seeking to purchase and mail money orders worth several thousand dollars.

After the man explained that a stranger had sent him a check to deposit, expecting a portion of the value back in money orders, Scott and Customer Services Supervisor Jake Chennell advised him that he was likely a scam victim.

While Chennell contacted the Postal Inspection Service, another retail associate, Kerry Decoursey, accompanied the man to his bank, where he learned that the check had bounced, convincing him to call off the money order transaction.

“These three employees ensured this customer did not lose his money to a scammer,” said Rochester Acting Postmaster Rosemary Ludwig.

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