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The coat off his back

Burlington, VT, Letter Carrier Kenneth Bosley Jr.

Letter Carrier Kenneth Bosley Jr. was delivering mail one day last winter in a Burlington, VT, neighborhood when he spotted a customer in distress.

The 89-year-old woman, in slippers and without warm clothing, had been locked out of her house for a half-hour and was stranded on her porch — fearful of slipping on ice if she tried to get help nearby.

Bosley immediately took off his coat and gloves and put them on the customer before he guided her safely to a neighbor’s house where she could seek shelter and contact a locksmith.

The woman, who lives alone, later visited the local Post Office to thank Bosley for his assistance.

“She was extremely grateful for Ken,” said Customer Services Supervisor Megan Fruchtman. “Burlington is lucky to have him as an employee.”

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