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Time for a reboot

Keeping your tech emergency-ready

Is your technology ready for an emergency?

To help mark National Preparedness Month in September, the Postal Service wants employees to keep their technology updated in case of an emergency.

Mobile phones, computers and tablets can be lifesavers if disaster strikes, but only if they are reliable and work properly.

Poor battery life and outdated operating systems can render mobile phones and computers useless just when you might need them the most.

Here are a few technology tips:

Always keep a fully charged back-up source on hand to power your mobile devices. If an emergency occurs and you don’t have a power source, save battery power by minimizing device use or operate the device on low power mode.

Keep your technology up-to-date by downloading upgrades to operating systems. If upgrades are no longer possible, it might be necessary to buy new technology.

• During an emergency, communicate by text messages instead of phone calls. Texts are more reliable because they require less bandwidth.

• Follow trusted government agencies and weather apps to stay up to date. These resources offer official and accurate information before, during and after a disaster.

Remember to keep your contacts updated and synced across all of your channels in case you have to quickly to get information and give updates.

The Department of Homeland Security’s site has additional tips.

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